Security Services

We do not see ourselves as an ordinary provider of Security Personnel. Polygraph Proactive identified the need for quality security personnel in the business community as we constantly experience the involvement of expensive security personnel being involved in criminal activity at the very locations they are supposed to safeguard assets.

As such we developed a unique product where we utilize our polygraph ability to proactively identify the "cream of the crop" amongst security personnel as part of our stringent recruitment process.

This inter alia includes:

  • Comprehensive Interview and Reference Checks
  • Polygraph Pre- Employment Screening
  • Criminal and ITC Checks

Having made sure of the quality as well as the honesty of Security Personnel to be employed we believe to act proactively by subjecting our personnel to regular polygraph examinations whilst employed at your premises.

Successful candidates are trained on specific skills relating the environment they will be working in. These requirements are discussed and agreed upon with individual clients and frequent evaluations are conducted on site to maintain and improve skills.

Our staff can be clearly identified by their dress code, a Carducci suit, provided at no extra cost to the client. We can also design specific dress code requirements on client request.

We retain our staff by rewarding outstanding work performance by means of an appraisal system, during which attendance, adherence to dress code and company policies and procedures are measured. Our personnel are remunerated higher than the industry norm. We provide and promote career advancement opportunities.

Polygraph Proactive strongly believe that your security needs can never be effectively addressed by simply providing security personnel to you. This, in our opinion, can only be achieved with a solid partnership between our clients and us.

Our security services inter alia include:

  • Retail Security
  • Residential Estates and Complexes
  • Industrial Premises and Factories
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Risk assessments and security improvement proposals