Polygraph Examinations & Investigations

Polygraph Proactive is an investigative entity providing an extensive range of services at reasonable rates nationally. We have highly skilled personnel with years of experience in the polygraph and investigation fields:

Our comprehensive range of service inter alia includes:

  • Evidentiary / Specific Examinations

Polygraph testing is very helpful in investigations involving multiple suspects by narrowing the focus of the investigation. Another valuable aspect of the investigative use of polygraph testing is to help exonerate the innocent person who is surrounded by circumstantial evidence.

  • Routine / Periodic Screening Examinations

Routine / Periodic Screening examinations would usually be conducted on employees who are deployed in "high risk" or "sensitive" areas where integrity is essential.

  • Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations

Pre- Employment examinations form part of the recruitment process by verifying whether the applicant is truthful and trustworthy regarding previous employment, misconduct and criminal activities.

All our polygraph examiners were trained by the American International Institute of Polygraph, who are an international accredited training school.

  • Expert Testimony in Disciplinary, CCMA, Labour Court and Criminal Court Hearings
  • Fraud and Theft Investigations
  • Financial, Civil and Criminal Investigations
  • Security Surveys
  • Quantification of Losses
  • Internal Disciplinary Investigations

All actions regarding investigations are done strictly in accordance with the Constitution and Statutes of the Republic of South Africa, including the latest labour legislation.